Australia with Friends 

In January I played in eastern Australia for a couple of weeks before I left for my US tour. I’m jumping around here in time but here we are in cyberspace so anything goes. My friend Jessie asked me to come and play some shows around Sydney, ANU in Canberra, and a town she likes called Alice Springs, in Australia. I said yes. I traveled on a business visa and when the word got out that I was in town I was driven all over from station to station, pretty worn out before we took some time off in the desert! This is my new friend, Hammid, playing some guitar for me at ANU. I’m playing in the courtyard in the top photo and Dario, usually quite alert, is looking a bit toasty here. I love languages and here’s a recent slang tidbit on using the word friend: I learned recently from my friend Elizabeth Caffrey, a very dear and accomplished person, inside and out, that in her generation the word “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” was never used… the word was “friend” and that was it. She is an east coaster from a well to do family, and started a popular magazine which now has a different name. She clues me in on a lot of things, when we get to spend time together. I really wish some things were the same as in those times, this being one example. Language is so permeable these days. Anyway, these friends wouldn’t let a girl carry a single thing!