Kate the Great. 

This is Kate. I stopped on my tour at Orange Twin Records in Athens, which I had meant to visit since I was 15 years old but just didn’t until this year. It’s a very special place. The trees, I couldn’t stop talking about them, but that’s for another post. This is a friend I made there, her name is Kate and she’s pretty darn amazing. Why, you might ask? WELL… she makes sticker books with drawings of anthropomorphized nude pandas in them, bakes regularly, laughs like a bell, and is funny and great. And just goes around doing her thing, all the while creativity hangs off of her like a soft webby blanket that you just want to sit under and read while someone gives you a back rub, with a rainbow and a sprinkler waiting for you later. This was a little later on in my spring tour, but friends first. <3 Brianna